cebu Pacific AirlineTravelling to Cebu via Air is one of the main questions of tourist – both local (Filipinos) or international. They often ask: “How can we go to Cebu directly?” or “I wonder what airline travels to Cebu directly?” or “What is the airport for Cebu?”. These questions will later be answered in this article. A lot of tourist happen to visit Cebu for a reason. It may be because of the climate, the beautiful beaches, the wonderful sceneries, the beautiful and hospitable Filipinos, or their loved ones. But either way, Cebu is known to be one of the best cities in the Philippines for its nice beaches, islands, tourist attractions, clubs, festivals and much more.

Travelling to Cebu via Air is a lot faster compared to any other transportation. A lot of airlines are now travelling direct to Cebu as its airport is an international airport known as Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA). Mactan Cebu International Airport is located in Central Visayas region. It is the second busiest airport of the Philippines and one of the top 20 airports in the ASEAN region in year 2011.

Travelling to Cebu via Air is fast, clean, and its airport is being upgraded to make it bigger for more convenience and comfort to the people arriving to the City. Travelling to Cebu via Air is stress free and hassle free as a lot of airlines now travels direct to Mactan Cebu International Airport rather than flying to Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) then getting a connecting flight to go to Cebu like what they do before.

Travelling to Cebu via Air is convenient as well because not only you can travel to Cebu but can travel to different place of the Philippines using boat or plane.

Travelling to Cebu via Air might be a bit pricey mostly when its peak seasons like Summer or when the biggest festival is near that is known as Sinulog Festival. It may be pricey travelling to Cebu via air but it is definitely worth it!

Here are the list of Airlines that travels directly (domestic and internationally) when you are travelling to Cebu via air:

Air Philippines

contact number: (032) 341 0930



Asian Spirit

contact number: (032) 341 2550



Cathay Pacific

contact number: (032) 340 3254



Cebu Pacific

contact number: (032) 340 7980



Malaysia Airlines

contact number: (032) 340 2978



Philippine Airlines (PAL)

contact number: (032) 340 0191



Singapore Airlines (Silk air)

contact number: (032) 340 0041



South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR)

contact number: (032) 341 4879



Next time you are travelling in Asia, why not include Cebu, Philippines in your itinerary as well. It’s more fun in the Philippines when you are travelling to Cebu via Air!