Cebu City, Philippines – The Good, the Bad and also the Ugly

Do you envy living of luxury being enjoyed by people in developed countries, wishing you also could life such a life but lacking the $10,000 of monthly income needed for this type of life? Well, I challenge you to definitely consider moving into the Philippines, either with a full or in their free time basis. Retirement is not a couple of age; it is just a matter of having enough ongoing income. With a $2,000 monthly income (or pension or annuity), it’s possible to truly live a life of luxury. I present how this is accomplished and list the main expenses of living in the Philippines as a foreigner.

Indeed! Experience the design of living of Independence, pleasurable, top quality, and modernity of seaside living at Citta Di Mare. Be happy in the middle of the two magnificent scenery, the shore of Mactan and also the mountain array of Cebu. Citta Di Mare can be an Italian word means “town at the sea”. A new town growing with the heart and soul of southern road properties including a full territory section of 75.6 hectares.

The Philippines consists of over seven thousand islands. That’s one reason you’ll never use up all your beaches as long as you’re with this country. The beautiful coastlines make up for great beaches that could even draw tourists around the globe. One good example could be the top class Boracay Island that ranked 12 within the Top 30 Islands inside the World.

For a more casual activity, try riding. Take a ride from the mountain trails with one of Cebu’s native horses. It does not matter if you have never ridden a horse in your life because the guides will show you all that you should know to have your horse to trot inside the right direction. This is a wonderful approach to see Cebu which is definitely an experience you’ll remember.