Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s facilities provide optimum service satisfaction to travelers on transit.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport provides terminals that really will be perfect places to travel from or transit through, and perfect places to shop in. Located at Pre-departure area where a wide selection of souvenir and pasalubong items are available.

Passenger traffic continues to increase annually.

The airport is committed to provide high quality service to passengers. Through the Passenger Boarding Bridge, passengers are provided the comfort and convenience they need.

Safety and security is one of the airport’s primordial concerns. This machine is equipped with detectors to make sure that baggages and persons boarding the plane are cleared of any prohibited items.

A spacious hallway provides comfort and convenience to passengers. Snack bars, pasalubong outlets, restaurants, etc. have been opened. Also available are Flight Information Display System, Electronic Clock System, Public Address System, Intercommunication which will best serve the needs of the traveling public.

From check-in to reclaim, our baggage handling equipment ensures efficiency and convenience.

The cargo loading equipment includes conveyor, forklift, palletized containers used to load/unload baggages to and from the aircraft.

The cargo loading equipment includes conveyor, forklift, palletized containers used to load/unload baggages to and from the aircraft.

Entrance gates are provided with four (4) entrance canopies to protect passengers from rain and excessive heat.There is access to affordable means of public transportation. Taxi units using calibrated meters are readily available.

Computerized Check-In Counters were provided to cut congestion, increase handling capacity and to offer a fast passenger processing. Prompt, efficient and courteous services by airport personnel had contributed to passenger convenience at the airport. Also, passengers have more choices for a wide array of pasalubong shops, snack bars and other food & beverage shops that they can enjoy while waiting for their flights.

The International Terminal Hall has the capacity to handle 2.5 million passengers a year. The Pre-Departure Terminal Hall is open to the public who wish to send off their passengers. Only passengers who can show their plane tickets can enter the departure check-in hall. Efficient and fast passenger processing, outstanding convenience and low cost facilities were provided to keep Mactan airport accessible, genuinely attractive and boost passenger satisfaction.

To maintain the airport’s passenger friendly facilities in top shape, a Computerized Flight Information Display (FID) was provided so that passengers within the terminal could see code shared flights which relay information on flight status.

Duty Free is located at the International Pre-Departure Area, passengers can enjoy a last-minute duty-free shopping activity before their scheduled flights at the well-stocked Duty Free Philippines store. A variety of imported goods like wine, chocolate, clothing, shoes, etc. are available. Customers should present a valid passport to make any purchase.

From the boarding bridge, passengers will walk through this passage before reaching the arrival area.

A place where passengers can sit back and relax while waiting for boarding. Snack bars, pasalubong shops, flight display screens, paging counters, toilets are also available for passengers’ comfort and convenience.

A spacious area is provided to accommodate arriving passengers. They can get their checked-in luggage from the baggage conveyor. Car rentals, hotel & resort accommodations, paging system and telephone services are also available.